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The Magnetofection™ technology requires appropriate magnetic fields that magnetize nanoparticles in solution, forms a very strong gradient to attract the nanoparticles and covers all the surface of the plate. To perform efficient transfection or infection, suitable magnetic nanoparticles formulations and magnetic field, are the only necessity. Therefore, three optimized magnetic plates with improved properties have been especially designed for Magnetofection™. Their special geometry and organization produce a strong magnetic field that is suitable for all cell culture dishes and supports.
All Magnetofection™ starting kits from OZ Biosciences contain a magnetic plate and the reagents appropriate to your needs; it gives you a convenient solution to start your study.



 OZ Biosciences Super Magnetic plate OZ Biosciences Magnetic plate with 96 magnets OZ Biosciences Mega Magnetic Plate

Convenient for all cell culture support

Catalog number #MF10000

Adapted to 96-well plates

Catalog number #MF10096

To hold 4 culture dishes at one time

Catalog number #MF14000


  •  Suitable for all Magnetofection™ reagents.
  • Suitable for all cell culture dishes and supports


The super Magnetic Plate is suitable for all cell culture support including:

  • 384-, 96-, 48, 24, 12, 6-well plates

  • 35, 60, 90 & 100 mm dishes

  • T-25, T-75 and any other flasks

Any other cell culture support (slide, chamber slide, array, roller, etc.)

  • The Magnetic Plate with 96-magnets is especially adapted to 96-well culture plates

  • The Mega Magnetic Plate can accommodate 4 culture dishes or plates at the same time

  • Can be easily cleaned and decontaminated with 70% ethanol

  • Can be used within incubators and with robots

  • Can be used at room temperature, 37°C, +4°C, etc.

  • Compatible with culture plates from most common suppliers

  • Magnetic properties, distance between magnets and cells and incubation time have been optimized to efficiently concentrate nucleic acids or virus onto cells and to promote their internalization.

  • Solid, completely reusable, it is a one-time buy


All our Magnetofection reagents are available in a starting kit containing a Super Magnetic Plate & theTransfection reagent.