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Cell Line

Cell lines are capable of unlimited proliferative potential, and they are generally easier to work with than primary or finite cell cultures. These cells have undergone genetic transformation to become immortalized, their behavior in culture may not necessarily reflect the in vivo situation.


Transfections reagents optimized for Cell Lines:

DreamFect Transfection reagent

DreamFect Gold Transfection reagent

DreamFect Stem Transfection reagent

RmesFect Transfection reagent

Lullaby Transfection reagent

VeroFect Transfection reagent

FlyFectIN Transfection reagent


Primary Cell

Primary cells are isolated directly from the tissue and proliferated under appropriate conditions. They are morphologically and physiologically more similar to an in vivo state and more difficult to culture and transfect than continuous cell lines.


Transfection reagents optimized for Primary Cells:

PolyMag Transfection reagent

PolyMag Neo Transfection reagent

CombiMag Transfection reagent

SilenceMag Transfection reagent

NeuroMag Transfection reagent

MagnetoFectamine Transfection KIt

- LipoMag Transfection Kit


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