Magnetic virus Concentration from OZ BiosciencesMag4C magnetic nanoparticles capture viruses in culture medium by electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions with 80-99 % efficiency. Once captured onto magnetic beads, viruses can be:


  • Concentrated and stored with the Conservation Buffer or directly used for cell culture, molecular biology or other assays.

  • Concentrated, eluted from the magnetic beads with the Elution Buffer and stored with the Conservation Buffer or used for various assays.


The two Mag4C-LV and Mag4C-AD kits are specifically designed and developed for capturing, concentrating and storing Lentiviruses/Retroviruses and Adenoviruses respectively.

These kits are composed of 3 reagents allowing Magnetic Capture/Concentration, Elution and Conservation of viral particles and a multipurpose Magnetic Separation Rack.

The Conservation Buffer has been expressly designed to improve the stability of viral particles upon storage conditions. This buffer is fully compatible with magnetic nanoparticles, meaning that viruses bound to magnetic beads can be diluted directly into the buffer for long term storage.



The magnetic action of the nanoparticles allows a rapid concentration of viral particles with minimized hazardous handling for a high yield of viral capture and recovery. The use of a magnetic field is simple, rapid and easy to use, and avoid time-consuming ultracentrifugation, precipitation and chemical steps. 



After magnetic capture and concentration, viruses can be used for multiple assays.

Viruses can be directly used with the bound Mag4C beads or eluted for in vitro and in vivo infection. Mag4C beads are compatible with the Magnetofection™ technology. This method allows concentrating the entire viral dose on the cells very rapidly, accelerating the transduction process and infecting non-permissive cells. Moreover, virus infection efficiency is significantly increased and cell adsorption/infection can be synchronized without modification of the viruses. Targeted/confined transduction to specific area (magnetic targeting) can also be accomplished.

Numerous applications were also demonstrated to be applicable to virus bound to magnetic beads, such as PCR, western blot, ELISA, in vitro and in vivo infection, etc... 

The Elution Buffers offer in parallel the possibility to elute the viral particles from the magnetic beads. Buffers are specific from adenovirus and retro/lentivirus as interactions engaged with the Mag4C beads are different. Once eluted, the magnetic nanoparticles are retained into the tube through the action of the magnetic field while eluted viruses are recovered. Elution buffers are totally compatible with virus viability and cell biology.

Once concentrated, the viral particles can be stored in the conservation buffer either bound to the magnetic nanoparticles or eluted. In this way the stability of the viruses is improved under storage conditions. Conservation buffers are specific for Adenovirus or Retro/lentivirus and totally compatible with virus viability and cell biology.