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What species is the IgG derived from? Mouse? Rabbit?

The IgG provided in the kit is an IgG from Goat serum. it is labelled with the green FITC fluorophore.

"I will appreciate your advice regarding the efficiency of the delivery of functional proteins and/or antibodies in hard-to-transfect cells."

In order to deliver functional proteins and/or antibodies into cells, we have developed two reagents, respectively Pro-DeliverIn and Ab-DeliverIn. Pro-DeliverIN and Ab-DeliverIN have been successful in transporting various proteins and antibodies into numerous cells. In addition, some of our customers have succeeded in transfecting proteins/Ab into cells lines and hard-to-transfect cells using these reagents: MDCK (Momose F., PLoS One. 2011; 6(6):e21123), RAW 264.7 (Wu F., World J Biol Chem. 2010; 26(5):188-95), Epithelia Cells (Tugizov SM., Virology. 2010; 409(2):211-22), …

Is it able to deliver PE- or Cy5-labeled antibody ?

Yes, antibodies can be labelled with PE or Cy-5. Pro-DeliverIN (for proteins delivery) and Ab-Delivery (for antibodies delivery) kits propose PE- and FITC-labelled controls respectively.