Nitric Oxide Detection Kit
  • Nitric Oxide Detection Kit
  • Nitric Oxide Detection Kit

Nitric Oxide Detection Kit

The Nitric Oxide Detection Kit is a colorimetric assay for the indirect determination of Nitric Oxide concentrations based on the enzymatic conversion of nitrate to nitrite by a nitrate reductase.
NO are important physiological messengers and effector molecules involved in many physiological processes such as vasodilation, inflammation, thrombosis or immunity (…). This assay is based on the reaction originally described by Griess to detect NO2 in a variety of biological fluids such as cell culture medium, plasma, serum, or urine.


Main Features

  • Highly Sensitive: limit of detection ~2µM – 125 pmol

  • Colorimetric measurement at 540-570 nm 

  • Detection of NO2- in a linear and stable way


Kit content

For up to 500 assays in 96-well plate

25 mL reagent 1 (sulf.)
25 mL reagent 2 (NED)
1 mL Nitrite Standard (0.1 M) 


Storage: Upon reception, store the Nitric Oxide Detection Kit at 4°C – DO NOT FREEZE. Protect from light. Stability: 6 months.

Shipping Conditions: Shipped at RT


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NO Detection Kit MSDS

Download 384.29KB

NOS assay kit rapid protocol

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