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Do you provide personnalized mRNA?

Indeed, we do have a custom mRNA plateform. We are able to provide an mRNA from your sequence.

How much would it cost and how long would it take to get an LNP carrying mRNA?

For orders with provided sequences, you can count about 2 weeks. For custom mRNA, add 8 weeks.

How may I have a quote for a custom mRNA?

You can do your own specific quotes by clicking here. Otherwise, provide us with all the infos (required sequence, nucleotide modifications, fluorescence labelling and the quantity wanted (mg)) and we will generate a quote for you.

What does the quality control include?

Concentration measuring, 260/280 ratio, agarose gel profile, fragment analyzer profile and a sterility test.

Can your LNP-mRNA be used for injection into mice?

Our LNP formulation can be used in vivo, any route of injection.

How are your mRNA product stored? And what is your time guarantee?

We recommand to keep it at -80°C for one year upon receipt as our guarantee stated.

What is your final formulation for mRNA?

Our mRNAs are concentrated at 1.0 mg/mL in 1 mM Sodium Citrate solution pH6,4.

How is the mRNA purified?

We use conventional techniques of precipitation and TFF are used to purify the in vitro synthesized RNA.

What would be the smallest amount of RNA you could synthesize for us?

0,5 mg.

Can we do codons optimization for custom mRNA ordering?

yes, we can do it according to your wanted species.

Do you evaluate the length of your polyA tail of mRNA?

Yes, we do a semi-quantitative analysis.

How the encapsulation efficiency is determined?

The encapsulation efficiency is determined by using a fluorescent assay.

Do you have any data showing the kinetics of mRNA expression in vitro?

Our mRNAs are uptaken from 20 min post transfection, start to be expressed within four hours (depending on RNA), peak expression at 24h for eGFP for instance (but roughly the same for most of our mRNA), and are still detectable at 72h.